Diana – CASA volunteer for 4 years

“This is a commitment in capitalized letters.”

Diana is retired. But like some people who have departed from their careers, she desired to return to some avenue of work. And so she did. But this new job isn’t one that comes with a corner office, vacation time, or a salary. It is, however, one that is richly rewarding. It’s being a CASA volunteer.

“It’s an opportunity to work on a team and represent children who do not have a voice,” Diana said. “You can have an attorney that [represents the] legal perspective, but I was intrigued by the prospect of representing the children—being available as a mentor and friend.”

Since 2008, Diana has committed her time and talent to CASA Fairfax. She has been a part of the same case for the last several years, and her involvement has become one of the most consistently good aspects of her CASA kid’s life.

“I reached a point where the child cheerfully requested that I was there for her,” Diana said. “We formed a bond.”

But Diana admits that it was tough to initially gain the child’s confidence. “It’s challenging breaking down the wall of distrust that children naturally build up when they have been exposed to neglect or abuse,” she said.

Meanwhile, Diana is able to stay strong and committed as a volunteer because the management team at CASA Fairfax provides a solid ground on which to stand.

“Any time of the day or night, I can call my supervisor. I have her phone number. I can call her and get guidance with how to proceed with my child,” she said. “This is a commitment in capitalized letters.”

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