Pam – CASA volunteer for 5 years

“I volunteer because the need is still there”

At the March 8 Light of Hope Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Fairfax CASA awarded Pam with its highest honor, the 2012 May Cook Heart of Gold. Pam, who was sworn in as an advocate in 2006, soon became known as the “go-to” volunteer for difficult cases. In her years with the program, Pam has served on eight cases and advocated for 16 children. She once shared, “I remain a CASA volunteer because the need is still there, and will always be there.”

Pam personifies the phrase Fairfax CASA so often uses when speaking of its volunteers; she is the “eyes and ears” of the Court, willing to travel great distances to ensure that the children she serves find safe and permanent homes. Pam has provided judges with first hand observations of children placed in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and as far away as Georgia. Her hard work has had an impact. On one of her cases, the judge ordered that a case remain open after Pam informed him that the children were going to be moved without his knowledge.

Through the years, Pam has also pitched in to assist with other needs; she has spent countless hours at the Courthouse covering unassigned hearings, promoted Fairfax CASA at fairs, passed out fliers, spoken at many information sessions, and provided items for the CASA library. Pam’s heart for volunteerism extends way beyond CASA; she volunteers for other causes, including helping the homeless and those suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Pam refers to the “golden rule” when explaining her volunteerism, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Pam follows her “rule” with excellence.

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