#1Thing – What you can do for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence impacts millions of people every year, but it can be prevented. It requires the collective voice and power of individuals, families, institutions, and systems – each whose “one thing” adds a valuable and powerful component to transforming our communities. At CASA, our #1Thing is advocating for the children who have been exposed to domestic violence and ensuring that their best needs are met. As a supporter of CASA, you’re a part of that too. But if you want to dive in and do more this October, here’s how you can help, and do your #1Thing. After all, the more we all do #1Thing to end domestic violence, the closer as a society we will come to eradicating it.


  • Share with friends, family, and on social media #1Thing that has inspired you to work to end gender-based domestic violence


  • Talk with your children about #1Thing you want them to know about domestic violence and how they can stay safe


  • Write a Letter to the Editor about the need to support DV services in your community. Make that your #1Thing!


  • Modeling respect, equality, and peace in your relationships is #1Thing you can do to help end domestic violence


  • If you’re a survivor and you are comfortable enough to do so, sharing your story is #1Thing that is so powerful in educating others about DV



There is so much value and power in everyone’s  one thing when sharing our collective story. The survivor’s story. The advocate’s story. Each community’s story. The story of the movement to end domestic violence. People’s behaviors and attitudes are shaped when they listen to the inspiring stories of those around them. When one person inspires a few others, there is a ripple effect that over time broadens and can continue to have an impact on future generations.


To learn more check out : https://nrcdv.org/dvam/

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