Fairfax CASA Says Farewell to Tara Shimp

After five fantastic years of working at Fairfax CASA, beloved CASA supervisor Tara Shimp bid us goodbye at the end of May. Fairfax CASA was Tara’s introduction to the nonprofit world.  Although she was new to CASA work at the time, Tara readily took on her caseload. In her five years with CASA, Tara supervised 46 volunteers and helped advocate for 111 children.

Tara always went above and beyond in her work as supervisor. She championed Fairfax CASA endlessly and sought to improve it for the better. Darcy recalls, “In the spring of 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic officially hit the U.S. and changed everything, it was Tara who sounded the alarm. I wasn’t that concerned, as we were hearing that things were ‘fine’ and that it was contained. Tara really opened my eyes to what ‘might’ happen and we put a plan in place, in case the staff needed to work from home. We worked with our IT company, ensured everyone had what they needed just ‘in case’ and as a result, we were prepared. I will always be grateful to Tara for sharing her concerns and helping us get ready.”

This summer, Tara plans on traveling and spending quality time with her husband and three daughters, who will all be home for parts of the summer. She plans on returning to work after the summer in some capacity. Although we miss her already, we are excited to follow this next chapter in her journey. We are so grateful for Tara and her impactful work at Fairfax CASA. Thank you, Tara!