Kylie’s Adoption Success Story

Baby Kylie* was born substance exposed and at high risk for neglect due to being born both HIV positive and Hepatitis C positive. Her parents had an extensive history of CPS involvement and could not meet Kylie’s high level of needs which resulted in Kylie being placed in foster care. Because of the high level of medical care required for Kylie, her CASA was in constant contact with Kylie’s foster parents, doctors, and social worker.  They worked together to ensure that all of Kylie’s needs were met  so  she could develop into a strong and healthy infant. Kylie transitioned to her pre-adoptive family in August of last year and while the family struggled with some of Kylie’s unique medical challenges, Kylie’s CASA stood by not just Kylie, but the adoptive family as well, providing support through overwhelming and challenging times. This adoptive family had previously adopted Kylie’s older half-brother, meaning that Kylie would get to grow up in a home with her sibling. This past September, Kylie’s adoption was finalized and the CASA reports Kylie to be doing extremely well with her forever family and that her medical issues are well under control, ensuring she gets to grow up and thrive, happy and healthy!

*Name changed to protect confidentiality