Welcome our newest CASA advocates!

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, Fairfax CASA welcomed 11 new CASA volunteers and our newest CASA Supervisor, Lisa Yue Banks, to CASA service during a swearing-in ceremony held over Zoom. These dedicated advocates joined the 1,800 people who previously stood before the Court, swearing to uphold the responsibilities and duties asked of them by our legislature, our organization and the Court. Having completed training on topics such as childhood development, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health, and cultural competency, the new advocates also shadowed a veteran CASA during a court hearing, completing over 35 hours of training.

Each training class receives a nickname from the Fairfax CASA Staff, and this group was dubbed the “Cerebral Chefs.” This unique group of CASAs is full of foodies with exceptional analytical skills. Executive Director Darcy Hubbard commented during the ceremony that she is “honored that [they] are joining an amazing group of volunteers,” and urged them to remember a favorite personal quote during their CASA advocacy that “no act of kindness is ever wasted – it just takes time to pay it’s dividends.”

The Honorable Thomas Petit shared passionate remarks around the topic of the importance of CASA advocacy before administering the CASA oath. Judge Petit shared that “the work [you will] do every month on every case is simply incredible” and that they “are greatly appreciated by the Court.” The 10 new CASA volunteers and new CASA supervisor who were sworn into service and are now ready to advocate for the best interests of Fairfax County’s most vulnerable citizens: children who are overcoming abuse and neglect.