CASA Youth Graduate In Class of 2023

We are beyond proud of five of our current and two former CASA youth who recently graduated high school! Each of these young adults deserve recognition and praise for completing their high school journey successfully. For a CASA volunteer, attending graduation and supporting the youth’s next steps can be bittersweet.  

“My CASA youth graduated high school and is planning on joining the Air Force. I am so very proud of her for her perseverance, and I cheered so loudly for her when she received her diploma!” says one CASA who has been working with her youth for a year.  

Fairfax CASAs are appointed to youth 0-18, who have open child abuse cases before the court.  CASAs continue to support youth up to age 21, through the fostering futures program (a voluntary program for youth 18-21), if the youth chooses to continue working with their CASA.  To date, the majority of these young adults have opted to continue their journey to age 21 with their CASA by their side.  

Another CASA shared her youth’s post-grad aspirations, “My CASA youth hopes to become a medical ultrasound technician. She received several scholarships to help with her college tuition, and even led part of the graduation ceremony.” This volunteer has built a strong relationship with the youth she has served over the past four years.  

While graduating with a high school diploma is a major accomplishment for all youth, graduates who are also coping with the demands and stressors of the child welfare system have overcome the odds.  These resilient youth have balanced school with unthinkable trauma and hardships.  

“These young adults have histories that include involvement with the legal system, fentanyl addiction, stays in JDC and in residential programs. They have been cooperative, set goals for themselves, obtained and maintained employment and embraced the relationships with their birth families.  They face huge challenges as they move into adulthood, and they are to be commended for their hard work and progress so far,” said a CASA volunteer of two graduates, one who took an accelerated course of study to graduate early.  

Among our seven graduates, we have two young adults going into the military and three young adults transitioning to independent living. Congratulations to our class of 2023 graduates! We wish them bright futures and commend them for their accomplishments.