Ethan’s Foster Care Success Story

Ethan* entered the foster care system at nine years old after experiencing physical abuse in his home and being abandoned by his father and stepmother. While several of Ethan’s extended family members were in contact with him, none were prepared to care for him. He was quickly placed in a therapeutic foster home, where his foster parents had specialized training for children with significant emotional, behavioral, or medical needs. Ethan has autism and his case workers felt he would benefit from the high level of care provided in a therapeutic setting.  

Almost immediately, Ethan developed a warm bond with his foster mother, who has experience fostering and working with children who have developmental disabilities. His foster mother and his assigned CASA helped him cope with his conflicting feelings when he learned his biological parents both signed agreements to terminate their parental rights. Ethan’s behavior at home and school continuously improved and he found a passion for Tae Kwon Do practice. He made the difficult transition to middle school with his CASA by his side, advocating for the appropriate IEP, counseling, and behavioral services.  

After nearly two years, Ethan’s foster mother said she could not see her life without Ethan in it and decided to adopt him! While the adoption is pending, Ethan’s CASA continues to support his relationship with his adoptive family and help him reach his goals in all aspects of life.   

*Name changed for confidentiality*