Fairfax CASA Success Story

At nine years old, Alicia* entered the child welfare system with her three-year-old twin siblings due to concerns for their safety and well-being. The three children were living with their single mother when she experienced a mental health crisis and ultimately made threats against herself and her children. Upon removal from their home, the children were placed in a foster home together and assigned a CASA volunteer. Alicia’s father was previously deported from the United States when his visa expired. Now residing in Canada, he learned Alicia had entered foster care and immediately expressed interest in caring for her.  

With the support of her CASA, Alicia began frequent virtual visits with her father through phone and video calls. The judge on the case made informed decisions, due in part to the CASA’s court reports, and decided that the goal for Alicia would be to return to own home with her father in Canada. Despite the difficult process of an international home study, Alicia’s father pushed forward, making arrangements for Alicia to comfortably move to his home. In December, Alicia visited her father over school break, in February she moved to Canada, and in March, her father was granted full custody!  

Alicia and her CASA continue to visit each other over video to ensure Alicia remains in a safe and loving home. Her father has enrolled her in school, coordinated with doctors, therapists, etc. and his sister will be moving nearby with her family to provide extra support for Alicia. Alicia’s father and her CASA encourage her to stay connected with her family back in the U.S. through video call. As for her siblings, their CASA will stay on their case until they too achieve a permanent home! Alicia is ecstatic to be living with her father, and her CASA is sure she is receiving the love and care she needs to thrive.  

*Name changed for confidentiality  

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