Fairfax CASA Success Story

Mia* was 14 years old when she entered the child welfare system.  Mia had been sent to live with her father when her mother became sick with several health issues that led to her long-term hospitalization. Mia experienced both sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her father and because her mother was too ill to properly care for her, and no relatives or family friends were able to take Mia in, she entered foster care. 

Though her time in foster care was difficult, Mia utilized the resources provided to her and with the help of her CASA, she developed strong self-advocacy skills. Even though Mia experienced multiple foster home placements in just two years, she maintained good grades in school despite the chaos and adversity. Mia had a reliable CASA, who was with her during the entire duration of her case. Reunification with her mother remained the goal for Mia, and once her mother became healthy enough to care for her, Mia returned home!  

Mia and her CASA stay connected, even though Mia achieved reunification with her mom and has entered adulthood. Mia joined the United States Air Force and recently graduated from basic training, and her CASA proudly attended her graduation ceremony and continues to support her in this next chapter of her life.

*Name changed for confidentiality 

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