No Place Like Home- Fairfax CASA Reunification Story

June is National Reunification Month, an opportunity to celebrate the perseverance of parents, children, and professionals who work to bring families back together. Fairfax CASA is committed to the path of reunification when it’s in the best interest of the children involved. For the Jones* family, coming back together after violence in their home would be a difficult, lengthy, but worthwhile process.  

The four Jones siblings- ages nine, ten, twelve, and thirteen at the time- were removed from their mother’s home after witnessing several violent altercations. Mrs. Jones* was arrested due to an incident involving firearms in her home and the children were separated as they were placed in two different foster homes. Mr. Jones was involved in the children’s lives, and initially expressed interest in caring for them, however he did not complete the necessary assessments and services for the children to be placed with him.  

The children were assigned a hopeful CASA who was by their side through multiple foster homes and residential facilities. During their time in care, two of the children lived in two placements, one lived in three placements, and one lived in five different placements. The youngest Jones child struggled with mental health and suicidal ideations and was placed in a residential facility out of state. Unphased by the physical distance, the CASA continued to monitor this child’s well-being and took a flight to visit the child in her new placement. All the Jones children engaged in therapy to overcome the trauma they experienced, and their CASA went to lengths to ensure each of them was safe, happy, and receiving the care they needed.  

Despite two incarcerations, Mrs. Jones was determined to have her children return home safely. She took all the measures ordered by the court including psychological evaluations, parent-child assessments, and drug screens. Through regular management of her medication and therapeutic services, she became stable and took part in weekly visits with her children. Her participation in parenting class, anger management class, and family therapy became a testament to her willingness to improve herself for the sake of her family. Mrs. Jones was a strong advocate for her youngest child’s care while in the residential facility. After a year apart, the children did several overnight visits with their mother in her home. They were placed back with their mother for a trial period, and all took a trip for the first time on an airplane to visit the youngest child at her residential placement.  

With her own persistence, and the help of the CASA, social workers, foster families, and other professionals, Mrs. Jones was granted full custody of her children and they resumed life together. This family’s work is not done, but they have overcome countless obstacles to being together.  

“The Jones family is so close, if you meet them, you will see that they are a fortress, they are all so intertwined and constantly protecting each other.” said the Fairfax CASA supervisor overseeing the case.  

*Names changed for confidentiality