Skylar and Peyton’s Foster Care Success Story

Skylar and Peyton*, ages five and two, entered the child welfare system after they were found wandering the parking lot of a local hotel alone. Upon investigation, DFS found there were no family members available to care for these girls, so they were put into foster care. Despite the global pandemic, Skylar and Peyton were greeted with open arms when they arrived at their foster home in November 2021. The girls foster parents previously fostered and adopted two children and their house was filled with joy, age-appropriate activities, and lots of love.   

Transitioning to life in a new home with all new people was very difficult for Skylar and Peyton. They both missed their mother greatly and were dealing with the trauma of experiencing abuse and neglect. When Skylar struggled with nightmares, bed-wetting, and behavioral outbursts, she was met with patience and understanding by her foster parents. One of the foster parents even left her job to accommodate the children’s appointments.  

During their time in foster care, the girls had three different social workers, two different homebased workers, and three different therapists. Their CASA on the other hand has been a constant, visiting them twice a month and advocating for their needs to be met throughout the duration of their time in care. After six months of the CASA working with Skylar’s teacher and school psychologist, she will receive an IEP and the quality of education she deserves. To the CASAs excitement, the foster parents are preparing to adopt and accept Skylar and Peyton into their home forever! There has been a great deal of change and trauma in these girls’ lives, but the love and kindness they have received from their foster parents sets them up for a bright future.   

*Names changed for confidentiality*