Success Story

Over the summer of 2020 a case involving 3 siblings was brought before the court due to parental mental health struggles and the suicide of their father in the presence of the children. Both parents had a history of mental health hospitalizations.

Upon entering foster care, it became apparent that the three school-age children had been isolated in the home most, if not all, of their lives.  They had never been to school nor medical providers. All three children presented with significant mental health needs as well as educational delays. The CASA assigned to the case immediately got to work, creating a spreadsheet system to track the various developmental, mental health, and educational assessments these children needed. She made sure the ball was never dropped and that the services recommended by the multitude of professionals were put into place, including speech therapy, special education services, and individual therapy. While the children were unable to be reunited with their mother, they were able to be placed with their out-of-state grandparents, who they developed strong bonds with.  They also got to know many extended family members who lived close to their grandparents.   The CASA maintained contact through frequent video calls during which they played games like “I Spy” and the children thrived in this loving and supportive placement. The case recently closed with a joyful adoption ceremony at the Courthouse, with their CASA in attendance.