Best New Children’s Books to Celebrate National Read a Book Day

Harry Truman once said, “Not all readers become leaders, but all leaders must be readers.” You can help build leaders out of the children in your life and celebrate National Literacy Day, by checking out these titles.

The Tale of Angler, the Fish: A Story of About Finding Self Confidence & Self-Love

By RaeRae

For ages 2-5 years old

The title of this book says it all! Written for the littlest among us, the narrative follows an angler fish seeking friends under the sea who ends up finding more within himself. Start instilling self-confidence and self-love in the little ones in your life by sharing this uplifting story with them.

Integrity Ninja

by Mary Nhin

For ages 3-11 years old

The latest in Mary Nhin’s Ninja series teaches children the power of honesty and integrity through the adventures of a child ninja. After reading this book with the young child in your life, check out the rest of the Ninja series that teaches children life and emotion hacks by following the example set by the fun and exciting main character: Ninja and his friends!

Little People, BIG DREAMS Series

by Maria Isabbel Sanchez Vegara

For ages 4-7 years old

This series serves as an introduction to biographies for children. Each book highlights an important historical figure and their contributions to society. Sanchez Vegara’s most recent release in the series features First Lady Michelle Obama and chronicles her story from the southside of Chicago to the White House and how she continues to advocate for girls today.

When Stars Are Scattered

by Omar Mohamed and Victoria Jameison

For Preteens

Told through the graphic novel format, this story follows author Omar Mohamed’s real-life history of growing up in a refugee camp in Kenya with a nonverbal brother. Omar’s future is turned upside down when he has the chance to further his education even though it might mean leaving his brother vulnerable. Heartbreak, hope, and the meanings of family and home are explored through the comic which ensures to inspire the youth in your life.

Tornado Brain

by Cat Patrick

For Preteens

This powerful work of fiction follows neurodivergent 13-year-old Frankie as she seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friend’s disappearance. Friendship, sisterhood, and forgiveness are major themes throughout the story. Written for her own neurodivergent daughter, Cat Patrick has penned a moving narrative the seeks to create space for empathy and understanding for neurodivergent children.