Carlos’ Foster Care Success Story

Carlos entered foster care at the age of 15.  He had previously immigrated from Central America, experiencing multiple traumatic events during the trip to the United States, and had been living without a formal guardian once he settled in Virginia. Carlos’ CASA has advocated for him for over four years and continues to do so while he remains in the Fostering Futures program.

When he came into foster care, Carlos had very little formal education. His CASA advocated to ensure he had every educational opportunity and Carlos quickly excelled academically, winning awards, and earning exceptional grades. He participated in a variety of extracurricular activities including chorus and soccer. Carlos also participated in the Education of Youth through Employment Program (EYE Program), gaining valuable work experience and developing life skills. Carlos excelled in this program and was formally recognized by the staff.

Carlos is a self-starter and a highly motivated young man. His CASA has been his cheerleader and supporter through all his accomplishments. Recently, she assisted him by securing a donated bike, empowering him with transportation so he can easily and safely get around when he didn’t feel comfortable relying on mass transportation. Today, Carlos has successfully transitioned to living independently and his CASA is excited to see what his future holds.