Fairfax CASA Success Story

Hailey* was assigned to Fairfax CASA in March of 2022 at seven years old. Hailey’s mother became increasingly unable to take care of her, due to substance abuse and mental health concerns. Hailey was missing a lot of school, often being left at home alone, and found to be living in unsafe conditions. With a protective order in place, Hailey was moved to her grandparents’ home and assigned a CASA volunteer. 

At first, Hailey was very shy with her CASA and hesitant to engage with her. Through frequent visits, often spent playing games and coloring together, Hailey began to open up and share her feelings and concerns with her CASA. Hailey’s CASA relentlessly advocated for Hailey to receive therapy to help her address her trauma and was diligent in monitoring Hailey’s school attendance and performance. Not only did Hailey’s attendance improve, but her teachers shared with her CASA that she is communicating with them much more effectively and asking for the help she needs. When Hailey’s mother had a second child, Hailey leaned on her CASA to help ease her anxiety around visiting with her mother and new baby brother.  

With the support of her CASA, Hailey has found a loving and positive home with her grandparents, who filed for custody of her and plan to be her permanent caregivers! 

*Name changed for confidentiality