Fairfax CASA Success Story – October 2021

When Jemma* was 2 years old, the Court placed her under a protective order because she had witnessed so much violence between her parents. She lived with her grandmother while her parents attended anger management classes, parenting classes, and participated in counseling. Jemma’s CASA communicated with the parents’ therapists, counselors, and instructors to make sure that they attended sessions and were learning and applying what they were taught. The CASA reported the parents’ progress to the Judge through court reports.

 Jemma’s parents decided to separate, and they moved into different homes while continuing to engage in court-ordered services. Jemma remained with her grandmother and visited regularly with her parents so they could maintain and increase their family bond. Meanwhile, Jemma’s CASA continued to advocate for her best interests, and to monitor that her parents were engaged with services. Jemma grew and thrived, learning gymnastics, and developing into a happy child.

At the final hearing, the judge ordered that Jemma could return to her parents and split time between their homes. The case remains open as her parents continue their services and to ensure that Jemma’s transition home goes smoothly. Thanks in part to her CASA’s advocacy, and specifically the dedicated follow-up ensuring her parents were engaged in services provided, Jemma has been reunified with her parents. The family is stronger for it.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality