Hannah’s Adoption Success Story

Baby Hannah* came into care after being born substance exposed. She was placed in foster care immediately following her discharge from the hospital in November of 2019. Her foster parents had two other foster children residing in the home, including Hannah’s biological brother. Hannah is the youngest of 9 children, none of whom were in their biological mother’s care. Her mother struggles with untreated mental health issues and substance abuse issues. Hannah’s foster parents were in the process of adopting her older brother when she joined their home and have since adopted him. Hannah thrived in the foster home and was able to bond with her foster sister and biological brother. The CASA transitioned from in-person visits to video visits during the COVID-19 health emergency and was able to continuously “visit” with Hannah and see how she was progressing. Due to early intervention through the Infant Toddler Connection program, Hannah was referred to physical therapy (PT) to correct a right-side preference. Hannah recently graduated from PT in July because of the great strides she was able to make. She attends daycare full-time and her teachers report that she is doing very well there. In November of 2020, Hannah’s foster parents transitioned to being her pre-adoptive parents and the family has completed all the necessary paperwork to adopt Hannah. The family is just waiting on a judge’s signature to finalize her adoption. Hannah’s CASA has been with her since the beginning and is delighted that she has found a forever home that also includes her biological brother.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality