Ryder’s Adoption Success Story

1-year-old Ryder* entered foster care after he was found wandering around a hotel, without supervision. His mother struggled with substance abuse and could not properly care for him. Ryder and his mother were traveling through Virginia when he was found at the hotel, so throughout the case, Ryder’s CASA provided important information to the court by contacting the out-of-state child welfare workers when his mother returned to her home. This case was challenging for all involved. While Ryder’s CASA recognized that his mother was not in a place to care for him, she was very empathetic toward his mother and strongly supported the relationship between mother and son.  She advocated for visitation because there was a clear bond between them.  About 4 months into the case, Ryder transitioned from a foster home into the home of a close family friend who resides close to his mother. This individual, who stepped up for Ryder, is very close with his mother and has been able to help maintain the relationship between Ryder and his mother, while being his full-time caretaker. Today, Ryder is a happy toddler who is developing perfectly. His adoptive mother and everyone involved in the case are extremely excited to see his adoption finalized by the end of this year.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality